Between 1989 and 1990 we wrote: “… if the early of the 80’s have seen the emergence of rental as an alternative to buying, currently the most modern and competitive companies, are replacing the relationship with a builder with the more fruitful collaborator and services provider “.

Today we can say, not only that the rental service has grown considerably in recent years, but also that SAILOG has become a major player in the industry, thanks to a major range of forklift rental options.

“Your needs are the foundation of our success”

The SAILOG G RENTAL service is able to offer its customers:

– Specific solutions: through collaboration with leading global manufacturers of forklift SAILOG offers the best product at competitive prices;

– Flexibility: the wide fleet of rentals that SAILOG provides is always ready for any kind of use;

– Reliability: the constant service of maintenance and care of vehicles to hire allows the customer to work with always efficient and modern forklifts;

– Rapidity of intervention: SAILOG has mobile workshops and spare parts warehouse that can ensure timely and effective interventions, in order to minimize machines downtime.

Also choosing G Rental service you will benefit from the economic advantages of the rental formula:

no capital investment;
Fixed costs that can be determined in advance;
fixed costs tax deductible;
no workshop costs and dedicated space;
no spare parts inventory needed;
reduction of management costs.

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